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06 December 2009 @ 09:38 pm
Though I finally saw 2012. It's pretty good.

Starting my internship tomorrow! Feeling pretty excited and cautiously optimistic? LOL. Anyway, since I may be pretty busy for the month and my cousins from Singapore may be dropping by during Christmas (holiday) week (and I really hope they will), this is the December graphics post over at rphoenic_icons! I will probably try to get another batch done during the end of the month? We'll see...

[5] Big Bang colourbars (individual members)
[6] f(x) colourbars (individual members)& [1] f(x) banner (group)
[4] DBSK "Keep the faith/5-1=0" mini-banners
[6] SHINee colourbars (individual members)& [1] SHINee colourbar/banner (group)
[10] SNSD colourbars/banner (individual members)& [1] SNSD colourbar (group)



The rest over here.
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